Speech - The Election Game
Design Opportunity
It was late in the afternoon when some of my friends invited me to play Speech, they said: "you've never seen anything like this!".

When I entered the room where the game was taking place, I noticed a guy acting like a politician and speaking loudly in front of a large audience of people. At first I did not realise why everybody was standing and shouting at him in different ways.

He was taking some random cards from a deck in front of him trying to do his best to give a coherent speech linking the random words written on the cards. The randomness made for a lot of variety in the topic of the speech, which was very funny, and the best links and jokes were applauded and even generated standing ovations. Many people alternated one after the other on stage but, at the end, only one was elected as supreme president of the day.

Alessandro Baruzzi the italian Game Designer who invented this game then came to speak with me in order to get my opinion about the possibility of making a digital version of the game and, at the same time, trying to understand the potential and opportunities for an online version as well.

I quickly realised the potential of the game, not only in his playful version but in all the situations in which talk and persuasion are vital. I started to think about language schools, business and political classes and all the situations where it is important to improvise, to be creative or just to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Speech is a game about rhetoric, the art of persuasion through the speech. This web app proposes ten random slides whose purpose is to prompt the player to improvise a speech, using exactly the given words and, at the same time, connecting the slides one another, acting like a politician chasing votes.

I worked very closely with the italian game designer Alessandro Baruzzi. I took care of the graphic as well as the user experience and the game development.

The project has not been released yet but we have high expectations.

3 months
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