Project Brief
Sebastiano Cugnata is an Italian Training Specialist working as an independent consultant. His professional experience tells the story of a deep expertise in consulting and training people. His job involves analysing company teams experience and their management in order to enhance their growth and business development.

In recent years he has much increased his business and professional success, adding international companies like Azimut, Burger King, FCA and others to his already rich list of clients. However, his online presence didn't appear as professional as his work, increasing the risk of a mismatch between his online persona and his actual skills, which could lead to the loss of potetential clients.

Because of this, Mr. Cugnata approached me for a design consultancy and explore the best way to use Websites and Social Networks in order to better tell his story and widen his network of contacts.

From the outset I thought that collaborating with Alessandro Argenio a UX and product designer, was the best way to approach the project. I already had the pleasure to work with him and I was confident in his strong analytics skills as well as his valuable user oriented mindset.

In order to better understand the client, we went to some of Sebastiano's courses to see him in action. Then we started defining the project's guidelines through research, interviews and the analysis of hundreds of pictures and designs.

When talking about online presence, content has vital importance nowadays. This is the reason why we were extremely excited to see Sebastiano in action. Within the groups he is able to work on human emotions by creating a spirit of collaboration and cooperation using some interesting techniques like employing actors and clever tricks as part his workshops. I would say that as well as benefiting our research, attending his workshops was a personally enriching experience.

Once we knew that we had a well defined concept and strong contents, we started experimenting with the concept of 'training specialist' and tried to understand the boundaries that define what a training specialist is, but most importantly to deepen the knowledge of what it is not.

Finally, We started to sketch some visual identity's proposals and one among others stood out the most for its graphic potential and defining how the website and the social networks fit in the picture was the most interesting part. In the end our final proposal represented the best way for all the pieces of the puzzle to fit harmoniously together.


Alessandro Argenio - Ux Designer, Graphic Designer, Content Strategist
Amedeo Spagnolo - Lead Designer, Ux Designer, Information Architect

2 months
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